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Does your organization values mental health yet, struggles to find the right voice?

On Epiphany Lane is unique in that I work with my clients to create unique content (ie. speeches and trainings) that are relevant and meaningful to them.

It’s not just the same old speech over and over again for every client. I pride myself on working with my clients to develop effective messaging that is memorable for all the right reasons. And yes, of course, these messages will be crafted for your audience and setting.

I also can help your company develop a wellness system that integrates all aspects of health with your company culture.

Professional Training, Speaking and consulting

Prepare Enrich Faciliatator Trainer
The Mind Field Inc. 
Dallas ISD Supplier
TX DFPS Region 3

Invitation Homes 
The Learning Paradigm 
Children's Equity Coalition
Good Morning Texas

American Counseling Association Mentor
Dallas WINGs
Big Thought

Training, Speaking & Consulting Credentials and Collaborators

Exceptional coaching for high achievers, nonprofit administrators, and graduate students who are ready to take their skills to the next level. It's not just about achieving success - It's about experiencing life fully and with purpose.

I know that true leadership requires self-care and is about more than just achievement - it's about making a positive impact on the world. Sometimes that means challenging the status quo and changing your personal narrative. Let Tiffany support transistion and growth in any season.

Online coaching allows for flexibility wth your busy schedule and the ability to work with Tiffany no matter where you are.

Join the journey today and let us help you achieve your goals while making a difference that will last far beyond your own success.

coaching for  high achieving individuals and couples, nonprofit leaders and professional students

Good Morning Texas
Anxiety is a Mutha! Podcast
Real Simple Magazine
Love Is Black Podcast
Doula Road Trip Podcast

There are a lot of challenges that face people with mental health. The stigma surrounding mental health is still a barrier to seeking help. We need to help reduce the stigma associated with talking about mental illness. Let’s not make people feel like their problems are their fault because they don’t have a pill or therapy option to fix them. Let’s work together to empower those who struggle and let’s be open about our own struggles as a way of breaking down the barriers that prevent us from getting the help we need.

The more we talk about mental illness, the more we can destigmatize it. Having an open conversation with someone that you can trust about struggles with mental health is a great first step in normalizing it.

I would like to be your friend and companion on this journey of healing through conversation. We will talk openly and honestly about how our minds work, what happens when they get stuck or don’t work well, and what we can do about it!

I use my skills as a therapist and a person with ADHD to bring honest transparent conversations about mental health, I will also share stories of experience as a therapist and practical tips your audience can use to start their journey of wellness.

Media FEATURES and interviews


On Epiphany Lane Journeys

Looking for a new path?

Are you tired of feeling lost and without purpose? Do you want to find a path that will lead you to a more fulfilling life?

Try our free course Prep for Purpose!

On Epiphany Lane Journeys is your destination for online courses geared to where you are on the journey!


Are you looking for a therapist to partner with your brand?

I provide social media marketing and education for mental health, self care and wellness brands. I can provide Q&As, product testing and affiliate marketing support. I promote and provide referrals to those that would be ideal clients for your brand or service

We can work together to leverage your existing fan base or create new fans from scratch!

Brand Partnerships

Cope Notes
My Therapy Cards
Marketing Maven
HER Texas
Sistas with ADHD
Therapy for Black Girls
Amazon Associates

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On Epiphany Lane, LLC is an inclusive mental health consulting organization that strives to impact communities through collaboration with media outlets, businesses, other mental health professionals and the public. We develop signature workshops, trainings, and online classes for a variety of audiences.

At On Epiphany Lane we believe in the following:
· That it is important to bring more focus on diversity of experiences when discussing mental health.
· That each person's story deserves to be heard and celebrated.
· That all people have value and dignity regardless of their differences or challenges.

Our workshops are designed to encourage an open discussion of mental health issues and create a safe space for the community to share resources, discuss challenges, and support one another. We also work with businesses that want to offer their employees or customers educational opportunities on mental health topics in order to foster an understanding of ways that they can get help when needed.

Through our work we have taught thousands of people how to live better lives by sharing information about untreated mental illnesses, overcoming stigmas associated with mental illness, offering hope for those struggling with symptoms of depression or anxiety and creating support networks that are inclusive of all identities.

We have helped train helping professionals on how to create boundaries that help them prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

With nearly 15 years experience in community education, volunteer coordination, counseling youth and adults, developing non-profit mental health professionals and advocating for the decrease of mental health stigma in communities of color, Tiffany is poised to deliver what audiences need to move to the next phase of their journey.