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Prishna offers personalized counseling to help individuals navigate through challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship concerns. Discover a safe space for reflection and self-discovery with a compassionate therapist who breaks stigmas about mental health.

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Break the stigma.

Prisha accepts Private Pay, Loveland Vouchers and  Certain  Insurances via Headway. She offers in office sessions in Arlington-TX

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Become a client with Epiphany Lane Counseling

William Hunter (They/Them), LCSW, offers a therapeutic approach that addresses the root causes of individual and community-based issues. With a commitment to ethical and empathic practice, they provide clients with opportunities for growth, challenges, and meaningful conversations. If you're seeking counseling that fosters deeper understanding and healing, make an appointment with William today

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William accepts Private Pay, Loveland Vouchers and  Certain  Insurances via Headway

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"Their kind and honest approach helped me face my issues and achieve my personal and relationship goals."

I felt validated. Ididn't feel judged.



Yalda is our Houston based ADHD expert. She supports youth and parents wtih understanding, managing and accepting the triumphs and challenges of gifted youth. She also is addresses anxiety, depression and culture-related  stress in Emerging and Young Adults. Book with Yalda 

Let’s Discover How your neurodivergent youth can thrive

Yalda accepts Private Pay, HSA and FSA funds. She offers in office and online sessions in Katy, TX

You got this.

Antonio addresses
faith-based issues, depression, anxiety, substance use, life transitions,  LGBTQ+ issues, and trauma recovery - Antonio is well-equipped to create inclusive, effective and transformative care to those in need.

Let’s Discover How to can thrive no matter your past.

Antonio accepts Private Pay, HSA, FSA funds, Loveland Vouchers and offers limited Sliding Scale rate appointments. He is Virtual and based in Houston

Empower yourself.

It was an adjustment to shift my perspective on certain things and not see things so one-sided anymore.

 i felt instant relief and optimistic about going forward...



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