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You feel overwhelmed  by your life.

Your confidence is at an all-time low.

You want to "get it together".

Your mind is working overtime, leaving you exhausted.

You know there is more for you but are lost with how to find it.

Counseling and therapy for BIPOc professionals in Dallas, Texas and Online in Texas

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Therapy can help you find that "spark" and put you back on your path to purpose.

Anxiety Therapy for the neurodivergent 

You feel and think too much, too often about too many things. You worry about everything, try to help everyone and are stuck looking for peace on your own. 

Therapy is a space to unpack your emotional baggage and see what you have clearer. Then you can decide what to keep, what to toss and what doesn't even belong to you!

Anxiety and Depression Therapy for High Achievers

Your "get up and go" and gotten up and gone. You know that you have gifts and a purpose but right now there is something in your way.

Being a high achiever can come with a lot of guilt and unrealistic expectations. Therapy can help clarify the barriers and boundaries you need to thrive and find peace in your life.

Self Esteem Therapy
Social Anxiety Therapy
Teen Therapy
Trauma Therapy

Family Therapy
Grief & Loss Therapy
LGBTQ Therapy
Life Transition Therapy

ADHD Therapy
Anxiety Therapy
Couples Counseling
Depression Therapy

I am an encouraging, lively, optimistic therapist that can help you see your truth and walk in it. I provide care for those experiencing high stress, emotions that feel out of control, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

What makes me different: I use my neurodivergent mind, empathic ability and experience to connect with your pain and help light the way toward your purpose. Together we will work on a plan that fits the values and goals for the life of your dreams. 



I have been in therapy for 3 years, but these past 6 months with Tiffany have been like no other therapy sessions I have had before. If you are looking to heal from sexual trauma please reach out to Tiffany. She helped to ease me into the most difficult conversations and provided me with a safe space to heal. Working with Tiffany has allowed me to prioritize my mental health and invite peace and reflection into my life.

Look no further if you are looking for a great therapist. 

Take the first step toward truly living life in your lane.

Starting a therapy journey isn't easy.

 "Therapy for Where you Are"